Best Health Tech Gadgets

Smart Scale: QardioBase

The QardioBase is a wireless smart scale that not only measures your weight but is also analyzes and tracks your body composition. This scale measures weight, body fat, heart rate, bone, muscle and water mass, and body mass index. This scale also measures the changes occurring in your weight and body composition so that you can keep track of your progress over time. You can add notes to each measurement to track how changes to your lifestyle, like diet or fitness affect your body. The ability to set goals, targets and reminders are also nice features.

QardioBase can be customized to give you a personal experience. You can choose one of three modes to track: body composition, Smart Feedback and Weight Only. Pregnant women can track their weekly progress and add photos to each measurement.

This smart scale syncs with the QardioBase app wirelessly. When you use the scale, the results are recorded in your smartphone. Multiple users can track their measurements and goals using the app. The app is available on the Android, Kindle or Apple phones and is compatible with Google Fit, Samsung S Health and Apple Health. Click her for a complete Android compatibility list.

Smart Watch: Apple Watch 2

Wearable tech gadgets are still increasing in popularity and are projected to reach 170 million in 2017. One of the best smartwatches on the market today is the Apple Watch 2. It is water-resistant which makes it more durable than other smartwatches. Its watchOS3 software gives you a faster processor and an extended battery life of two days. The onboard GPS chip tracks your running, jogging, and swimming distance. The heart monitor consists of four LEDs that detect your heart rate by pulsing light below your skin.

The Apple Watch 2’s white ceramic finish is four times stronger than the Apple Watch and the Hermes band gives it a very attractive appearance, both of which contribute to its expensive price. It has a high quality spinning digital crown, formed glass and curve edges with appropriate weight.

Sleep monitor: ResMed S+

Touted as a top pick by The Wall Street Journal, the Resmed S+ is a sleep sensor that successfully monitors, tracks and understands your sleep patterns. The S+ is a sleep science that uses bio-motion technology. This monitor performs the following features:

  • Understand your sleep patterns by issuing daily personalized feedback • Fall asleep faster by synchronizing your pre-sleep breathing with soothing sounds
  • Analyzes your sleep environment including light, noise and temperature to improve your sleep conditions and routines
  • The S+ Smart Alarm will awaken you according to your time window to awaken you when your sleep is light giving you a refreshed feeling
  • The Mind Clear feature records tomorrow’s task list using text and voice to clear your mind for a restful sleep state.

Collecting data about your weight, body composition, sleep patterns and fitness routines helps you direct your progress over time and make strong effective lifestyle changes. With a smart scale and smart watch, you are well on your way to achieving optimal fitness. You will perform at your peak after getting high quality rest using the sleep monitor. The effectiveness of health tech gadgets today is quickly becoming a necessity instead of a luxury.