Technology Stocks That Should Be On Your Radar

Over the past few years, tech stocks have grown to become market leaders. The sector's significance to the World continues to expand. Many of the top components in the tech field are maturing. Technology is now a sector where you can potentially receive outstanding rewards. Here are some tech stocks that you should consider investing in.


Alibaba is Amazon's Chinese counterpart. Alibaba primarily works as a middleman, but they can generate profitable margins because they do not have to hold inventory or operate warehouses. Alibaba will continue to grow, as it stands at the center of China's digital revolution. The number of Chinese people who have online access continue to grow every day. Alibaba is using its revenue to expand into other places. Alibaba now features streaming video sites, device manufacturing, and media properties.

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments is a company known for its calculators. They also specialize in analog chips, which are the semi conductors found in every electronic device. The fact that many companies avoid entering the business gives Texas Instruments an advantage. The business of analog chips has lead to increasing dividends. Texas Instruments is gaining steam due to their recent moves to use chips for renewable energy and communications. These types of chips have higher margins than other chips and their demand is increasing. The outstanding dividend growth makes Texas Instruments a company to keep an eye on.


Workday is consulting firm that helps companies keep track of their human resources and finance departments. However, unlike other human resource software companies is sold on an as needed basis, and is regularly updated through the cloud technology. Workday's affordable and user friendly software is certainly leading to a promising future for the company.


Splunk looks at the performance data produced by corporate machinery. By looking at the volume of machine error messages and identifying the meaningful ones, Splunk's software takes corporate machinery and lets it notify owners when there is damage. The time it takes to fix system errors has been reduced, which is making Splunk a valuable commodity to investors. Splunk is looking at ways to try to find out how hackers will attack the computer networks of customers.


Microsoft is still the leader in the World of PC operating systems and software. Cloud computing and software is starting to rise in significance. Microsoft has continued to prioritize large enterprise and business customers. The results are leading to more dividends and buybacks that boost shareholder values.

Alphabet Inc

Google is always striving to improve its data mining operations. Alphabet's popularity has grown due to its YouTube video streaming platform, which has over a billion users. Alphabet has continued to build its exposure through phones, tablets, speakers and even virtual headsets. Alphabet is even experimenting with autonomous driving by working on self driving trucks. Backed by Google, Alphabet has the financial flexibility to keep growing.


PayPal has millions of users throughout the World. Online shoppers love PayPal, which gives it an edge over its competitors. With PayPal reaching deals to partner with firms like MasterCard and Visa, this is a company that is ascending to new heights.